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FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Parker and Kimberly

This week’s Subscriber Spotlight features Kimberly Mockler and her FIDO Parker.

Parker is an approximately 10-year old rough collie who is a product of careless merle-to-merle breeding.  He was born mostly white, deaf, and blind (born without any eyes).  He ended up with an animal hoarder on Long Island, New York before being rescued by the Suffolk County SPCA and Second Chance Wildlife Rescue in June 2010.

In July 2011, I adopted Parker because I am actively involved in deaf/blind dog rescue and I already had a deaf/blind collie mix and a deaf mini Aussie.  Parker is very friendly and became a therapy dog with Paws for Friendship, as well as passed his Canine Good Citizenship test.  Parker also does nosework and barn hunt.  He is trained using touch signals, vibrations, and scent.

Parker is also the inspiration for Parker's House, a small organization dedicated to the rescue, training, and education of deaf and blind dogs. Parker has his own Facebook page (Parker's Fan Club) and attends numerous dog events in the NYC metro area, educating the public about adopting, training, and living with a deaf and/or blind dog.

Parker can do anything.... except hear or see!

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