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Flags For Every Occasion - Flagology’s Personalized Flags For St. Patrick’s Day & Spring

With an incredible range of seasonal and holiday-themed flags available, you can easily rotate flags all year round. Personalize your own or use Flagology’s dozens of premade designs to create a seasonal flag.

 Features of Flagology’s Personalized Flags

Versatile decor- Flags can be used for all your celebrations: birthdays, weddings, graduations, holidays and more.

·        Custom photo flags- Upload a photo of your furry friend or hero, add a personalized message and accents such as a frame or border.

·        Printed on both sides- Flags are printed on each side in your choice of two premium fabrics. Incredible quality!

·        Great gift idea- Whether it is a pet or a human, Flagology is the perfect way to honor someone special. You can also capture landscapes, events, and milestones.

·        FREE personalization- Unlimited personalization is included in every single flag. No character limits.

·        Memorial flags- Their large collection includes memorial flags to honor a beloved pet or hero’s passing.

Available in 2 sizes- Garden (12.5” x 18”) and house (28” x 40”) sizes.

Customers can choose from a wide range of designs or customize their own online. Flagology’s user-friendly website offers an easy-to-use online flag designer where you can be the creative director. Design and decorate your flag by choosing text, clipart, and hundreds of other designs to create a personalized flag for your home.

About Flagology:

Owner, Susan Boaz, was inspired to start a personalization company, Flagology when she rescued her dog Bella. She could not find a flag that looked anything like her unique puppy, so she created a fabulous custom flag herself. Enter Flagology, a family and pet-friendly company that specialized in custom flags and doormats that feature anything people love or care about. Pets, families, passions and causes can now be displayed proudly outdoors. Susan is also a strong advocate for non-profits that help children with OCD and related autoimmune disorders. She is dedicated to providing increased mental health research, awareness and support for kids and their parents. 

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