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Linda Ludvigson from Sierra Vista, Arizona is our 3rd Fat Fido challenger. Here is her winning essay!

It is important for me to get Lucky to a healthier weight because he is a rescue who deserves another chance. I got him from a foster home over 2 years ago. His previous owners tried to neuter him using rubber bands. He had to stay in a shelter until the court case was resolved.

When his foster Mom got him, he had gouges on his back from being attacked by other dogs. He would scarf his food down and I assumed it was because the bigger dogs would eat his food if he did not eat it fast enough. He no longer does that and knows that he will always have food here.

I renamed him Lucky (formerly Harley) because we’re both “lucky” to have each other. He isn’t 100% socially, but he IS my love bug!

If Lucky is chosen for this weight loss challenge, I will join him in making it a point to get the exercise that he/we need, in addition to dieting, because I can stand to lose the weight too. I worry about him when he is resting because I can hear him wheezing. I have talked to his vet and have cut down on his treats and portions as a start to cutting calories.

Please give him a chance for a healthier life! Thank you for your consideration.


Linda Ludvigson

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