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Go-Go Dog Pal - FIDO Will Thank You

Go-Go Dog Pals is fun for both dogs and humans alike!

It really doesn’t get any more fun than this. Imagine two dogs chasing a remote control powered gadget with a cute face of an animal all over the yard…….a picture is worth a thousand words but the look on your dogs face as they say, is priceless.

The little tail waiving in the breeze is just adorable and watching your dog trying to figure out if this little gadget is real and what the heck to do with it should be filmed and posted on to America’s Funniest Videos.

About The Go-Go Dog Pal

The Go-Go Dog Pal is an interactive dog toy and remote dog trainer that provides fun and exercise. With advanced remote technology you can operate the system from near or far. Perfect for people with limited mobility, energy or time. With a variety of characters to choose from your furry friend will spend hours playing this interactive dog game.

Built using a hard outer plastic shell with a stable, lightweight and durable chassis the dog is unable to flip it or tip it over! It will have your dog running and chasing with a challenge. 

With a maximum speed of 22mph it’s the best dog game for small, medium and large breeds. It’s a great toy for puppies! Unlike a dog treadmill, it is designed for a natural exercise experience with the inclusion of lateral movement, starting and stopping, and acceleration and deceleration.

The Go-Go Dog Pal dog toy should be at the top of Fido’s Christmas list this year!  Visit them here to order yours today!

Sage the Lab and her Go Go www gogodogpals com

Go-Go Dog Pals with Sage the Labrador Visit

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