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Healthy Nutrition Choices can help keep FIDO Healthy and Happy As Winter Winds Down

Winter is winding down but cold and flu season is still upon us.  As pet parents we boost our own immune system through healthy eating and exercise, and we can also boost FIDO’s immune system through nutrition too.  For a great choice of healthy AND tasty kibble consider the offerings from our friends at Petcurean

They pride themselves on creating recipes with passion and purpose, recipes that nobody has thought of making. When it comes to ingredients, their motto is only the best of the best will do. Their trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, their food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over.

Petcurean products are sold exclusively through pet specialty stores.  They invest time and resources into educating their partners at pet specialty stores about the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, food intolerances and sensitivities, and pet food ingredients.  FIDO likes that!

We posed 3 of our top questions for keeping FIDO Heathy and Fabulous during the winter months to Petcurean Nutritionists and here is what they shared:

 1) What ingredients are best to help boost the immunity of pets and why?

Anti-oxidants included in brightly colored fruits and vegetable, called carotenoids, benefit vision, skin, bones, heart and immune system.  As well prebiotics and probiotic support the immune system, specifically the large intestine, as a large part of the immune system resides here.

2) Dry patches and lack lustre fur are common in the winter- what ingredients can help with this?

Cooler weather usually brings dry air. Drier air can also dry out a pet’s coat and skin. A dog or cat food with omega oils, will help support a healthy coat and skin. 

3) For dogs with allergies what are the recommended ingredients that might help with sensitive digestion and food intolerance issues?

Allergies and intolerances are based on exposure to a particular protein source. Typically they are ingredients that are traditionally used in pet food. Often times determining what the offending agent is can be a bit tricky, however using an novel single protein source, such as duck, salmon or turkey, reducing your carbohydrates to one or two novels sources, and limiting the remaining ingredients, can work quite well.  A great choice? GO! Sensitivity and Shine™ Salmon or Duck.

For more information and to get a coupon to try Petcurean food with your FIDO, visit here!

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