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How to celebrate like it’s National Dog Week EVERY Week

FIDO loves to  celebrate companies that really put their best paw forward in being FIDO Friendly, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka is one company that walks the walk!

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, one of the very first employees was a dog! In fact, when Tito started the distillery his dog Jo was right by his side. Jo’s food attracted a revolving door of pups, fondly called “distillery dogs” and as Tito’s grew, the dogs stayed. Tito’s loved pets so much that they started Vodka for Dog People, a program that helps pet nonprofits through events like Yappy hours, matching donations, and an online shop. Each year they help about 1,000 animal welfare nonprofits in over 7 countries, hosting over 700 events.

Taki's Top Tips to Celebrate YOUR FIDO:

  1. Surprise your furry friend with some new goodies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than playing with a good stick or rock, but all pets deserve a new toy every now and then! My go-to is the Tito’s Handmade Vodka dog toy, but your pup will love anything you give as long as it comes from the heart. My buddies even love tennis balls and a fresh pair of socks!


  1. Take your human to a dog-friendly bar. People aren’t the only ones who want to let their hair down! We suggest taking your pup to a local dog-friendly bar for some fun. They’ll order a cocktail and you can play, relax and enjoy the fresh air.


  1. Don’t forget to give back to shelters in need. Before I lived at the distillery, I was a stray looking for my furever home. If it wasn’t for Tito taking me in, I might still be wandering around. There’s no better time to get involved than now, just after we have celebrated National Dog Week. There are tons of great nonprofits to donate to like Emancipet and ASPCA , but you can also volunteer at your local shelter or favorite pet non-profit. No matter what you do, just try to get involved!


  1. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Weeks can get busy with work and school, but don’t forget that you always have a friend waiting for you at home! Take some extra time this week to hang out with your pet and make them feel loved. Because guess what? We love you too!

For more information on  Tito’s Handmade Vodka click here! 

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