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Icebug – Cool Shoes With Outstanding Traction for Running in Slippery Conditions With FIDO

FIDO was excited to receive a pair of Icebug Running shoes with RB9X and we knew the perfect person to test them out was our Social Media gal Ali and Dewey, her Australian Shepherd Rescue.  Here is their review.

Dewey and I are live on the East Coast (with it’s crazy weather) and we are daily fans of running in our local park.  Icebug, which features shoes specifically created for running on slippery surfaces, sounded the perfect fit for us.  With winding hills, wooded areas and rough terrain we have slipped and rolled many times on many mornings.  We were thrilled to try out these shoes with their new rubber RB9X – Rubber 9 Extreme traction technology.

We picked a week in April that provided us with 6 days in a row of rainy and slippery mornings. With Icebug’s unique rubber compound (that provides outstanding traction and smart studs, which adapts to the surface) we were able to run fast and furious without fear of an embarrassing wipe out.  Full disclosure, we did take it easy the first two days, but by day 3 we had the confidence to really turn it up a notch and we were running like we do on warm sunny days. These shoes deliver what they promise.  (Cute too, and fit true to size.)

So who is Icebug?

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company that in the year of 2001 started to challenge the global footwear giants. Frustrated by having to choose between slipping and saying no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping, the company was started to help people able to stay active year-round

Icebugs BUGrip-technology has made it possible for people to run on ice. And with their new rubber RB9X, they set a new standard for what unstudded traction is. Independent tests have shown that that they have outrun the compared competitors on both dry and wet surfaces. That’s what it means to be the real traction expert.

FIDO agrees – TWO PAWS UP!

Click here for more information on Icebug and all their cool outdoor gear and accessories


* Icebug sent Ali and Dewey the shoes to review for this post. We are not being compensated in any other way.  Icebug is not responsible for the content of this article.

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