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Is Your Dog Noshing on OzPure Treats Yet?

These new imports from down under are sure to get your dog drooling and begging for more.  OzPure, the new distribution arm of 26 Bars & a Band has introduced Farmyard Friends and Puppy Love. 

Farmyard Friends is a natural gluten-free treat infused with flaxseed which helps to promote healthy skin and coat, bowel function, and normal growth and nerve function.  This is not your typical one-bite treat, it has the perfect consistency that your dog is sure to enjoy.  The delicious treats are cut out into whimsical shapes of farm animals and are available in Roast Beef Flavour, BBQ Chicken Flavour, Smoked Bacon Flavour, and Roast Lamb Flavour. 

Puppy Love is a milky chew formulated especially for puppies but can also be used for any age dog.  Puppies LOVE chewing on this milky bone that not only keeps them busy but helps clean their teeth as well.  Puppy Love is an all-natural edible dental chew enriched with whey powder that is sensitive on little tummies.  The bones are smooth and have soft grooves that are gentle on their teeth.  Colouring and flavouring is all-natural.  These are gluten, chemical, and preservative-free so you can feel good about what you're giving your furbaby.  Each pack comes with 4 Puppy Love bones (each bone measures 4.75” x 1”).  Available in Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, and Milk & Honey. 

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