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Kong Rocket tennis ball launcher: Product review

When you think of fun and dogs, one of the “must have essentials” in Fido’s toy box of life is of course, a bouncy ball.

For many dogs, if it involves a ball, fetch, and a guardian willing to toss, allow retrieve, and repeat…. well Fido’s found his perfect day.

So when the Kong company asked if we’d like to review the Kong Rocket Tennis Ball launcher, being a cocker mom, of course I yelped “yes!” However, my dog would chase a tennis ball if I rolled it in mud and tossed it down a hill. So I asked a fellow dog lover/rescuer to test this out for me.

She has a fenced-in back yard, so this product was made for her and her dog. The Kong Rocket Tennis Ball launcher came with 2 squeeeeeeaky tennis balls, and she had a willing Fido to test it on. Meg tells me she was able to scoop the slobbery ball right up into the launcher and hurl it right back out for her pooch. Gotta love that!

The squeeeeeeeak factor adds a bonus element to Fido’s frolic, and the rocket distance of the launcher was icing on the pupcake.

Specs on the product:

* 24 inches long

* 2 tennis ball sizes included with the launcher

* Paw-some distance to give Fido a fun workout.

Instead of taking our word for it, let Meg and her Fido show you how it’s done.


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