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Lasso We believe in our dogs. We believe in them as much as they believe in us.

Ever tired of your regular synthetically made collar & leash? Are you looking for an alternative to your dull dog accessories? What about those of you who have dogs with sensitive coats and whose collars rub ferociously against their skins?  How do accessories that are handcrafted, custom made, lightweight, flexible, soft on the hands and coat, resistant, 100% ecological, biodegradable, recyclable and not to mention ultra chic and design oriented sound?

We at Lasso wanted to create something unique; we wanted to offer the pet industry something original, something that would reflect our lifestyle without compromising quality. We found the answer in a piece of rope, as simple as that. In our creations you will find collars and leashes with original designs that incorporate various rope materials, techniques and styles each meant to portray your dogs personality and character.

Because each product is custom made, with over 1000+ color combinations to choose from, we handcraft every order on the spot, allowing us to pay close attention to detail in order to ensure you get the highest quality rope accessories you will find in the market.

Quality is our highest priority, always has been, and always will be.  Our products are made from the softest cotton rope or recycled rope you have ever touched, and are complemented with solid brass fittings to make the ultimate, most sophisticated collars & leashes.

 Lasso is a family business, and family values have defined our path from day one. We treat our dogs as family members, we teach them, we cook for them, we keep them healthy and most of all we care for them with all our hearts, because they have our hearts. This is the company that we are and the company that we hope more and more people become a part of each day, because the Lasso Dogs family portrays a lifestyle in which a dog is not just a dog, he is a family member. And what is a family without a home?

At Lasso, we believe in taking care of our home, our planet. We believe that giving back, even in the smallest way possible makes a difference and that is why we have joined 1% for the Planet, where we donate 1% of our net profits to environmental organizations worldwide, leaving our paw print on the planet.

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