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Last tour stops for 2015 Get Your Licks on Route 66® cross-country pet adoption tour.

Final week four 2015


October 20, 2015


Hard to believe I am writing the final tour entry for this year’s Get Your Licks on Route 66® cross-country pet adoption tour. It’s seems like just the other day we kicked off with spokesperson Brandon McMillan at the LA event on September 12.


Our visit to PAWS Chicago was a busy one.  Saturday’s are most often busy and add to that the spinning wheel filled with prizes from our generous sponsors, suffice it to say, business was brisk!


Ami who adopted last year tapped me on the shoulder. She reminded me that last year was a major achievement as her family of four had never had a dog and she was the reason why. She finally acquiesced, adopted and a year later has to admit that she is now a ‘dog person.’


On October 11, our event with the Animal Protection League was held at Scheels in Springfield, IL. This was the first time our venue was at Scheels and everyone was so pleased with the turn out that we have already penciled them in for next year.

A woman, who I will call Annie, spun the wheel several times and one of her prizes was the Sleepypod pet carrier, which was perfect for her small pet, Hera. Hera had originally been given to Annie’s dad who was in failing health as a canine companion. Her dad had passed away just two weeks prior to our adoption day event and now, the care of the beloved pet was in the capable hands of Annie who still grieving the loss of her father, was now being comforted by Hera. Annie went on to tell me that Hera was named after the Greek Goddess who was married to Zeus and that she was every bit a Goddess!


Host Hotel

Kinzie Hotel

20 West Kinzie St. Chicago, IL 60654

(312) 395-9000

Drury Hotels

3180 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 529-3900

Host Daycare

Paradise 4 Paws

5262 S. Kolmar Ave. Chicago, IL 60632

(773) 767-7722

Host Daycare

Pampered Pet Center

3401 Gateway Dr., Springfield, IL 62711

(217) 483-9106


On October 17, we worked with Wayside Waifs at their state of the art shelter in Kansas City, MO.  Certain to be a ‘foster failure’ a young woman brought her eight-week-old puppy in for a health check, as she was worried about her ward sneezing. The puppy checked out fine and while we were waiting for the vets report, our foster failure took a few free spins. After all, anyone who takes the time and has the heart to foster needs a few toys and treats to bring home, and thanks to our generous sponsors, we had plenty of that!

There was a young family who adopted their very first dog. The looks on the children’s faces were priceless as they posed with their new fur-ever friend, a cute black puppy who looked just as pleased to finally be going home.

On October 18, our very last event working with Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas.  Adoptions were brisk and our time too short at this great facility.

Because we also love cats, the story of a young man named Henry touched us this day. Henry was so excited; he had moved in to his first apartment AND adopted his first pet, a cat who he will call Rudy. Cats are not easily photographed by our spinning wheel and we understand, but Henry posed with a package from Fresh Scents sachet, perfect for leaving by the cat litter and we gave him a few of those, they help eliminate pet odor and he was adamant that he will need that!

A young girl attended our adoption event with her grandmother. Although she did not find her pet that day, she did donate to the shelter and spun our wheel. As a result, she won the DVD, Shelby: A Magical Holiday Tail starring Chevy Chase coming out in November. Her smile was contagious and encouraged others to step up to donate for a chance to win great prizes and raise money for the shelter.

Towards the end, a woman came by to pick up her new furry best friend, a four-year-old dog whose owners surrendered to the shelter a month previous. Speaking with her, she shared that she was adopting a mastiff mix as well who was underweight and needed a lot of TLC. This wonderful woman reminded us why we spend eight weeks on the road each year; the heart of America beats strong with all those who choose to adopt, who choose to save lives and with the continued support of our sponsors who I would like to thank here, we will continue to help save lives, one shelter at a time!

See you next year America!

For the list of all of our 2015 sponsors please check here and thank you to Brandon McMillan, TV host of the CBS series Lucky Dog who served as our spokesperson. Special thanks to Animal Radio our media sponsor seven years running, our Vehicle Sponsor, SprinterRentals whos amazing vehicle powered us down thousands of miles on America's Favorite Highway and Advocate Sponsor, Shelby: A Magical Holiday Tail along with Community Sponsor Petcurean, Blue Dog Bakery, Zeus Dog Toys, Dermagic, and Car Wrap Sponsor, Wellpet. Check local listings of Lucky Dog to watch the show on Saturday mornings, a segment of the LA adoption event will appear on one of his shows.


Host Daycare

Dog Pawz

1711 West Port Rd.

Kansas City, MO

(913) 579-2263

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