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LeashLocket for dogs: FIDO Friendly Product Review

Imagine a leash that your dog actually carries, is safe and effective, weighs under three ounces, and fits snugly and securely on your dog’s collar. Oh, and did we mention the lock withstands a pull force of 135 pounds with an extension of 6 feet for the small dog version (up to 55 pounds) and the lock withstands a pull force of up to 200 pounds for the larger dogs (up to 90 pounds).

The LeashLocket is unlike any retractable leash I’ve tested. Snap the collar attachment around your pooch’s existing collar or harness with the rivet facing outward. Check.

Then attach the actual LeashLocket, snapping the magnet to the rivet and pressing the “brake” button, as you would with a retractable leash. Lock it forward and the locket stays securely in place. After grasping the LeashLocket, simply unlock the brake button and pill away from the dog’s collar attachment. While out walking your dog, you just press the brake button to lock it at any length up to 6 feet. That’s it.

Magnetic collar attachments are included and the ergonomic design and feel of the LeashLocket felt good in my hand, not bulky or cumbersome.

I used this while away from home with my dog recently and took a traditional leash with me for backup. I never strayed from the LeashLocket. Double bonus: It weighs under 3 ounces and is nicely priced.

Note: For miniature and/or toy breeds, owners  of dogs weighing less than 15 pounds use LeashLocket with a harness rather than a collar according to the company. When used with a harness, dogs carry LeashLocket on their backs rather than underneath their neck areas, where LeashLocket could be cumbersome for some miniature and toy dog breeds.

Learn more about LeashLocket at: Check out the video of the product in action by scrolling down.

Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored by LeashLocket and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for FIDO Friendly magazine. We welcome your feedback and comments.

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LeashLocket - Retractable Leash - Let your dog carry the leash for a change! LeashLocket™ is the revolutionary, retractable leash in a locket that lets your dog carry the leash for a change. Enjoy hands-free convenience when LeashLocket™ is snapped securely to the magnetic atta

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