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Let The Sun Shine In ALL Winter For Your FIDO

FIDO loves to lie in the sunlight and our friends at Pawsitive Lighting have just the thing to see us those winter (sunless) blues!

The powerful Sol Box by Pawsitive Lighting can deliver the equivalent of a sunny day to your pet, anytime.  Emitting 10,000 lux of full spectrum white light, the Sol Box brings the sun inside the home. Simply place the box somewhere your pet finds comfortable, turn it on, and let them gravitate towards the light.  Soon your FIDO will be enjoying the amazing benefits of light therapy including increased energy, decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep and elevated mood.

The minimum effective dose is about 30 minutes of light, however there is no harm in letting your cat or dog bask in the refreshing light all day long.

Retails for $129.99Get more information and order here -   


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