The poles are closed and the votes have been “tail-ied.” Meet JAZZ, Atlanta’s first dog mayor and the winner of DOGTV’sMy Dog for Mayor!” – a national campaign to elect 100 dog mayors in 100 cities across the U.S. JAZZ is also the spokes dog for Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals and appears regularly in pet-travel articles in FIDO Friendly magazine.

“It was a hard-fought campaign for all of our ‘canine-didates, many of which were neck-and-neck until the final hours of voting,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV. “We hope that JAZZ uses his new dog mayor title to help better his hometown for the good of all dog-kind.”

DOGTV is the first television network for dogs. A trusted source of scientifically developed content for dogs, DOGTV programming is organized into relaxing, stimulating and exposure segments that work together to provide just the right balance for the daily routines of our beloved "stay-at-home" pups. DOGTV's revolutionary content is designed for a dog's visual, auditory and emotional sensibility.

JAZZ, together with owners Herb and Deborah Thompson, helps spread the word about pet-friendly travel and pet-rescue causes. Lifelong pet rescuers, the Thompson family also includes their Yorkie Sophie Rose, rescued through YORKSHIRE TERRIER NATIONAL RESCUE. The family travels frequently together, always “sniffing out” new places to go and things to do with pets.

So named because sometimes he is sweet and soulful and other times wild and crazy, JAZZ (in all caps for his capital personality), interacts with friends and fans interested in pet-travel and rescue causes on, and a page he shares with Sophie Rose,

In addition to being elected dog mayor and barking up a storm in the local “paw-litical” scene, JAZZ is thrilled to serve as Ambassador for the “bow-tiful” city of Atlanta. He vows to continue promoting the benefits of “Adopt; don’t’ shop,” as well as encourage responsible pet-travel so that more doors will continue to open for fur kids everywhere.

About JAZZ:  For more information on JAZZ, please contact Deborah J. Thompson at or 404.310.0009. Deborah is a Marketing Consultant, Writer and Photographer, and the founder of the ATLANTA STEPHEN MINISTRY networking group, currently representing 67 churches around the metro Atlanta area.

About Our Featured Media and Sources:
TV’s first network for canines, DOGTV provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog-friendly programming scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing to support their natural behavior patterns. For more information regarding DOGTV, visit the website:

FIDO Friendly magazine showcases pet-friendly destinations and scours the country for pet-travel information in order to abide by their mission to “Leave no dog behind.” For more information, contact Publisher Susan Sims at

About Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals:  Owned by Atlanta resident and former Entertainment Executive--Renata Circeo-Loudon, Shore Dreams represents property in both Florida and Georgia. They have adopted a pet-friendly policy in most of their properties, evidenced by their slogan: “Pet-friendly Travel for Pet-WELCOMING Memories.” For more information, go to or call 404.440.8005.

About YTNR:  YORKSHIRE TERRIER NATIONAL RESCUE is a 17-year-old organization dedicated to finding the best homes for Yorkshire Terriers in their care; regardless of age, sight, hearing or other handicaps. For more information, go to the website:

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