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Make 2017 Both Healthy and Tasty For FIDO

Do you know what’s in your pet’s food?  When you actually take a look at the ingredients on the bag/can you might be shocked. If making 2017 healthier for FIDO is on your resolution list we suggest checking out the healthy options our friends at Petcurean offer.

FIDO has been a big fan of Petcurean for quite a while now.   We just love the passion and purpose they put in to their products, and how they aspire to go above and beyond by creating recipes that nobody has thought of making, while using the finest of ingredients, like premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries.

Ready to Commit to a healthy diet for FIDO?   Petcurean offers great choices of healthy AND tasty kibble.  When it comes to ingredients, their motto is only the best of the best will do. Their trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, their food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over.

And speaking of healthy, yummy (we lick our bowls clean!) pet food , one we definitely wag for is the freshness of Petcurean NOW FRESH™ Grain Free dry dog food.

Featuring 100% market-fresh turkey, salmon and duck as well as 100% fresh Omega 3 and 6 oils from coconuts and canola.  And with zero grains, zero rendered meats, zero by-product meals, or artificial preservatives NOW FRESH gets an all-around TWO PAWS UP from FIDO!

So if this is the year you switch your pets to a premium quality brand like Petcurean a great place to start is by using Petcurean’s Food Finder. This quick and easy online test will help you decide which line to test out with FIDO (or Fluffy – Petcurean loves kitties too!).

Pssst - We also love the Petcurean guarantee - It doesn't happen very often, but if your pet refuses to eat one of their foods or has a physical issue with a Petcurean recipe, just return the bag to the local pet specialty store where it was purchased (with your receipt). You will receive a full refund, or an exchange for another Petcurean product.

Visit their website for information about all their wonderful products!


Fido Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Advocate.  Petcurean provides products for our review and promotion

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