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March into Spring with FIDO

With spring upon us, FIDO is ready to romp and play so when our friends at Purina Pro Plan shared some tips for how to re-enter the world of outdoor activity with your best buddy, we just had to share them with you as well! 

According to Dr. Brian Zanghi, a research nutritionist and one of the canine physiologists behind the development of the Purina Pro Plan P5 training app, dogs should get an average of one hour of physical activity each day, more than twice the minimum recommended time for humans by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Whether people and their dogs are already road-running warriors, or are looking to take the first step into a more active lifestyle this spring, Dr. Zanghi shares some key training and nutrition tips for dog owners to keep in mind:


1. Consult Your Vet – Before you begin running with your dog, check with your vet to make sure they are in the proper physical condition and receive the proper nutrition for this type and level of activity.

2. Start small – Begin your activity program with short walks, jogs and training sessions at fifteen minute intervals.  It’s important your dog understands basic commands to make activity time more enjoyable (the heel command is crucial). Remember to consult your veterinarian and medical professional before beginning any training program.  (Check out the cool video clip below, too!)

3. Pick the right conditions – When possible, always choose to run on grass or a soft path, rather than pavement. This is not only easier on the pads of your dog’s feet, but it’s also less pressure on their joints and bones. If you have to run on pavement, make sure to check the pads on your dog’s feet both before AND after your run, for cuts or abrasions.

4. Ensure your dog receives proper nutrition for exercise – Unlike humans, a dog’s main energy source comes from fat – not carbs. A diet higher in fat and protein will increase an active dog’s metabolism and his endurance during exercise. The Purina Pro Plan Sport line delivers fine-tuned nutrition to promote strength and endurance for dogs of all activity levels. And for highly active dogs, the Purina Pro Plan PRiME and ReFUEL nutritional supplement bars can be fed before (PRiME) and after (ReFUEL) exercise to deliver concentrated targeted nutrients that help optimize performance.

5. Provide proper hydration – It is important to let your dog her have access to water at all times, especially during long walks or locations away from home.

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