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Meet Lexi, one of two pups to enter the weight loss challenge

The weight loss challenge has begun for Lexi! Read her winning essay here from Chris and Elena Tjaden from Syracuse, New York and wish Lexi the best of luck. Lexi and two other pups will appear in the Summer issue of FIDO Friendly magazine with their big reveal!


Chris & Elena Tjaden

Syracuse, NY


Dog's name:  Lexi


Lexi's Story:

Christmas came early for our family of 5 this year when we adopted Lexi on December 23rd!  She is a 3-year-old King Charles Cavalier who spent her entire life at a puppy mill in Ohio.  We adopted Lexi with the help of a local rescue organization – Molly’s Wish, Inc. ( Molly’s Wish, Inc. is dedicated to educating the public about puppy mills, providing a safe haven for animals rescued and advocate to change laws and legislation.  At the puppy mill, Lexi had never had a name, spent her entire life in a cage under unimaginable unsanitary conditions and has been bred over and over again.  She was only seen as a moneymaking breed dog for the puppy millers.


Lexi’s medical needs (along with all other puppy mill dogs) had never been a priority.  She was continually bred with little to no recovery time between litters and fed a very poor diet.  She came to our family at almost 30 pounds (29.2), which is twice the size of what a healthy and typical King Charles Cavalier should be.


As a puppy mill rescue dog, Lexi is learning what is means to “be a dog” and what love is.  She is learning what it is like to walk on grass, go to the bathroom outside of a cage, walk up stairs, play, walk on a leash, eat out of a bowl…just to name a few.  Despite Lexi’s difficult life to this point, she is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met.  She seem to be soaking up the love from our family….she loves hugs, kisses and to be cuddled.   We have three children (10, 6 and 5) who she has been wonderful with.  They all love her so much and we truly believe that she can sense the love we have for her and we will continue to give her the love and encouragement that she deserves. 


We will be working hard to help Lexi lose weight through diet, exercise and playtime.  Her losing weight will help increase the quality and longevity of her life.  One of the leading causes of death with cavalier King Charles spaniels is heart mitral valve disease (MVD).  Statistical reports have shown that MVD may affect many cavaliers by age 5.  The need to lose the excess weight in amplified even more in Lexi’s case due to these MVD statistics.


We are excited to watch all of Lexi’s “firsts” and to see her blossom into the dog she is meant to be.  Our family is truly blessed to have found her!

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