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More time spent with Fido thanks to cleaning robot bObsweep

I am sitting outdoors with my two rescue hounds Junior and Jake soaking up the morning spring sunshine in Idaho. It’s very quite, very peaceful, but what is that low ‘whirring’ sound in the background? I can barely hear it. Oh right, I forgot to say, I am also vacuuming.

Well, I am not vacuuming actually, my new best robot friend Bob from bObsweep is working away.

bObsweep is the intelligent floor cleaner; it does all the backbreaking work for you.  Bob can sweep, vacuum AND mop all types of flooring, while shining his sterilizing UV lamp at the bacteria on his way. You had me at UV.

You don’t even have to put him away. After Bob’s autonomous vacuuming and mopping render your floors clean, he will automatically sense and return to his charge-up station, where he will reload and await his next call to duty. Just remember to empty his extra-large bin after multiple cleaning tasks!

bObsweep also comes equipped with a programmable memory timer, allowing you to set the time and day you want him to clean the floor, so you don’t have to remember to! And since he knows to return to his docking station when he’s done cleaning, he’s never underfoot.

And with Earth Day just around the corner, you will be pleased to learn that the bObsweep is harmless to the environment. When you factor in the carbon emissions of bObsweep's production (with the little size he has, he uses little material, and they're all certified to be free from hazardous substances), his recyclability (almost every part of Bob is recyclable), his modular design (so you can only change a part that's broken instead of needing to buy a new one), the source and amount of the electricity used to run him, etc. and compare them to a vacuum cleaner (that needs more material to make, uses more electricity to run, most probably has hazardous material in it, etc.), you can easily conclude how efficient bObsweep is especially when it comes to energy consumption.

Traditional mopping uses buckets of water and most cleaning chemicals harm the environment. With Bob and his automatic mopping capacity you can regularly clean your floors and yet save water. Put Bob's UV disinfectant on top of that and you can't deny how friendly Bob is to the environment and your pocket. Also, remember bObsweep's RoHS certification feature and you'll agree that with Bob, everyone wins.

My dogs notice Bob, but ignore him. Switching on a traditional vacuum cleaner provokes neurotic behaviors from our pets including voracious barking and panicked hiding.  Bob, on the other hand, has better social skills mainly because he is not noisy.  Moreover, Bobs' functions are familiar to an animal: he moves, he hunts and he sleeps. Instead of cowering in fear, dogs and cats will chase Bob like a new playmate. You can take comfort knowing that Bob can multitask by entertaining your pets while quietly cleaning your floors.

Ahhh, yes, this is the life. More time spent with family and Fido, less time clearing away dust bunnies. I have not tried the mop action yet, after all, I don’t want Bob to think I am taking advantage. Perhaps I will try that feature next week when I am reading that book I’ve been meaning too….

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