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MuttNation™ Fueled By Miranda Lambert Pet Collection From Petmate® Now Available At Retail

The exciting, new MuttNation™ Fueled by Miranda Lambert collection of pet products from Petmate® worldwide provider of fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families, is now available at pet specialty and online retailers.  For more information visit

The much-anticipated collection features a country chic feel with a rock & roll flair, vintage prints and antique hardware that are all inspirations of Miranda Lambert's signature style. The full line includes bedding, collars, leashes, toys, apparel, accessories, feeding and watering products.

Miranda's love for animals has always been a big part of her life. Growing up in a home with an open door policy for people and animals alike, she has adopted that mindset for her own life.  Volunteering at the Humane Society of East Texas in her teens has led her to adopting Delilah and ultimately started the MuttNation Foundation™ along with "Cause for the Paws", a yearly fundraiser now in its 9th year.

"I am really excited to see all our hard work and great product now available, I hope y'all love it as much as we do. I know my dogs do!" says Miranda. "I really hope that we can raise awareness to the joy of adopting a shelter pet through our MuttNation product line."

In keeping with that goal, the product line is highlighted by the Rescue Mutts, collection of six plush dogs – each toy pup was created from a real-life rescue dog with its own story. Each tale is a touching depiction of the dog's adoption and their new family. This particular toy is very close to Miranda's heart, as her own dog Delilah was her very first rescue and is featured in the Rescue Mutt collection.

For Petmate, the partnership with Miranda Lambert is a perfect fit – it has always been at the root of the company's culture to support rescue and adoption efforts.  "It's really exciting to get the MuttNation collection to retail to give our pet families yet one more way to help support the animal rescue community and the great work that they do," says Chris Wilson, the company's executive vice president for product development. "We're proud to share Miranda's passion for pets with the introduction of our MuttNation product line. Our products were designed with the dog's well-being in mind, which is the heart of why Miranda started the foundation."

In addition to the Rescue Mutts, the toy collection features handcrafted, mixed material toys with a rock & roll style designed for truly engaging fetch, tug and chew play.

Highlights include:

MuttNation Treat Guitar $12.99

  • The MuttNation Treat Guitar dog toy is perfect for fetch, toss and tug, chewing and teething, and stuffing with treats! 
  • Each Treat Guitar is made from molded rubber and comes in blue, pink and turquoise. 
  • Stuff with treats or other toys for added interest and engagement for your dog.

MuttNation Tambourine Faux Suede Toys $12.99

  • Your dog will make music with the extra-large squeaker in the top of the MuttNation Tambourine Faux Suede toys. 
  • These music inspired toys feature the handcrafted, Americana look and feel of faux suede. 
  • Each tambourine has detailed design elements to capture the look of a real tambourine. 
  • The toys are also adorned by the MuttNation logo patch and are available in assorted colors. 
  • Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.

The bedding collection has a down home feel providing a relaxed yet stylish look for the home.  Highlights include:

MuttNation Lambs Wool Tooled Leather Printed Lounger $39.99 (24" x 20" x 8")

  • The MuttNation Tooled Leather Printed Lounger with Dig & Burrow™ feature provides cozy comfort for your dog combined with chic country, rock & roll flair – Miranda Lambert's signature style! 
  • This lounger style bed is adorned with a MuttNation logo patch and comes with a faux tooled leather exterior and a soft gathered shearling interior that's perfect for pawing and snuggling. 
  • The unique Dig & Burrow feature satisfies your dog's natural instincts to den and nest at bedtime. 
  • One size suitable for small and medium dogs.

MuttNation Lambs Wool Corner Fringe Printed Lounger $34.99 (20" x 17" x 7")

  • The MuttNation Square Cuddler Bed with Fringe provides cozy comfort for your dog combined with chic country, rock & roll flair - Miranda Lambert's signature style! 
  • Each square lounger has a soft shearling interior and is adorned by a MuttNation logo patch, perfect for snuggling and curling up when it's time to rest. 
  • Available in cowhide, denim or pink plaid prints. 
  • One size suitable for small dogs.

Collars and Leashes
The collars and leashes collection features a blend of "Country" and "Rock & Roll." Collars are custom fit, with mixed materials like denim and faux leather, rhinestones, tassels, and bows with antique brass and nickel hardware.  Highlights include:

MuttNation Bandana Custom Fit Collars $12.99 - $16.99

  • The MuttNation Bandana Custom Fit collar collection with removable neckerchief taps into the Americana spirit of country life that is interwoven throughout the MuttNation brand. 
  • Available in a custom MuttNation bandana print in blue, red or pink that seamlessly blends the brand logo into a timeless pattern for a fresh, new look. 
  • Also available in country chic brown cowhide print. 
  • Each custom fit collar has antique brass hardware and allows for just the right fit for your dog's neck size. 
  • Suitable for small, medium and large size dogs.

Watering and Feeding
This collection features vintage-inspired finishes including mats with tooled leather, red bandana, rustic burlap and chalkboard photo-real prints and a selection of country crocks and bowls. Highlights include:

MuttNation Food Mats $2.99

  • Serve up some love at mealtime on the MuttNation Food Mats. 
  • These mats feature vintage-inspired finishes including tooled leather, red bandana, rustic burlap and chalkboard. 
  • One size complements the MuttNation bowls.

MuttNation Crock Bowls $12.99 - $14.99

  • Serve up some love at mealtime in the MuttNation Crock Bowls. 
  • These vintage-inspired dog bowls tap into the country chic feel of the MuttNation collection with their timeless shape and rustic style finishes. 
  • Made from durable, shatterproof material. 
  • Available in red, blue or white, and in a 2.5 cup and 4 cup capacity. 
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.

Apparel and Accessories: $5.49-$14.99 by Fetch for Pets ®

  • Country Chic, embellished t-shirt designs featuring built in bandanas and rock'n phrases for extra flair. 
  • Reversible tie bandanas for all sized dogs. 
  • Stylized charms with pewter hardware to accessorize any outfit.

About Petmate
Founded in 1963, and headquartered in Arlington, Texas, Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted quality products worldwide to enhance the lives of pets and their families. The company's vision, to be the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry, encapsulates its commitment to deliver award-winning, innovative ideas daily to each of its product categories including bedding, kennels, dog houses, feeding and watering products, litter maintenance products, toys, collars, leads and travel. Petmate's portfolio of pet, family-favorite brands include Aspen Pet®, Chuckit!®, Dogzilla®, Jackson Galaxy®, JW®, MuttNation™ Fueled by Miranda Lambert and WWE®. For more information, visit

About MuttNation Fueled by Miranda
As an animal lover and the owner of 7 rescue dogs, it was only natural for Miranda to team up with Petmate to create this country chic mixed with rock & roll flair pet collection. This product line represents Miranda's lifestyle and her passion for pets; it consists of dog beds, collars, leashes, apparel, food bowls and of course great dog toys.  The highlight is a plush toy grouping of 6 real life rescue mutts that includes Miranda's first rescue pup "Delilah".  "It's a dream come true to be able to expand the MuttNation brand and continue to raise awareness to the joys of adopting a shelter pet."

About MuttNation Foundation
Founded in December 2009 by Miranda Lambert and her mom Bev Lambert, MuttNation Foundation is a donation-supported 501(c)(3) organization working to find a forever home for every dog.

This mission is supported by a host of volunteers and partnerships with shelters across the country to provide spay and neuter programs, medical treatments, adoptions, preventions, transportation, and education. As a family operated 501(c) 3 organization, their goal is to ensure that every single dollar donated assists animals in need.  For more information, visit DON'T FORGET, LOVE A SHELTER PET.

About Fetch for Pets®
Fetch for Pets! was founded in 2008 and quickly became a leading, New York City-based pet product manufacturer developing pet lines across multiple categories including apparel & accessories, grooming, oral care, stain & odor control, food & treats and more. Fetch for Pets! carries the MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert apparel and accessories.

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