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National Heat Awareness Day on May 23 Keep FIDO Safe

SO IMPORTANT!!  In recognition of National Heat Awareness Day on May 23, please remember and share with all pet owners this information about safe temperatures for their pets this summer.

Sitting in a hot car can pose a serious threat to canines’ health. To help raise awareness of this issue, Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC shared this imformation from their blog article containing a useful breakdown of how hot a vehicle’s interior can become in specific amounts of time.

If a car is sitting outside and not running when it is 68 degrees, the temperature of the car’s interior can jump to 81 degrees within 10 minutes.The temperature can reach up to 115 degrees in an hour.

If a car is sitting outdoors when it is 90 degrees, the interior can reach up to 136 degrees with an hour.

If a dog is left inside a hot car that isn’t running, the animal is vulnerable to heat stroke. This can lead to damage to the brain and other organs.

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