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Neutricks® Launches New Soft Chew For Senior Dogs

Neutricks®, an evidence-based supplement proven to help
senior dogs with better brain function, is launching a soft chew for dogs.

Neutricks Soft Chews will be available in veterinary clinics starting next month.

Soft chews improve the palatability and texture of supplements for senior pets. This is an important feature for senior dogs who may have difficulty chewing a tablet.  As a result, dogs (and their people) prefer soft chews over flavor tablets. David Merrick, President, Neutricks, LLC said, “Although the Neutricks chewable tablet was successful and very well accepted, we know senior pets and their people will appreciate the improvement to Neutricks Soft Chew for Dogs.”

Advances in primary care and more attentive pet owners have contributed to dogs living longer than ever before.  As a result, the same brain aging phenomena that occurs in humans is increasingly being seen in canines.

According to leading veterinary behaviorist Gary Landsberg, DVM, Dipl. ACVB, Dipl. ECVBM-CA, “20 to 75 percent of senior dogs show signs of age-related cognitive dysfunction, with symptoms typically starting at age 9 or 10.”

Symptoms include: disorientation/confusion, being stuck in corners,
failure to recognize their owner, house soiling, aimless barking, new
phobias, changes in sleep patterns, and changes in interaction with family members.

Neutricks may be helpful in addressing some of these problems by improving cognitive function in aging dogs.  In an independent study, Neutricks significantly improved learning and accuracy, and enhanced attention of senior dogs compared to the control group.

As David Merrick states, “Our message for the veterinarians is to be
proactive with their clients who have senior dogs and ask about symptoms of cognitive dysfunction.  Often owners may be hesitant to mention these behaviors during an appointment. Neutricks represents an opportunity to create veterinary-client dialogue about geriatric symptoms that pet owners may overlook. Our hope is that veterinarians will add the phrase ‘Do the pet a favor and ask about behavior’ on every senior pet chart as a reminder.”

For information about Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) and the new Neutricks Soft Chew, visit Neutricks:

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