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New Crazy Dog Train Me Campaign Connects Shoppers To Pets

When shopping for FIDO, pet parents are looking for more than good deals and exciting new products; they’re also seeking insights and information that will help them understand their pets better and enrich the relationship they share together.  Enter the new Crazy Dog Train Me Newsletter and social media campaign. 

Starting in October, Crazy Dog will be posting daily excerpts from its Train Me Newsletter on its Facebook page. The posts will provide a day-by-day chronicle of original stories that underscore the important bond between pets and people and explore ways in which it can be strengthened to the benefit of both.  Some of these stories will revolve around training themes, while others will examine the emotional and sensory life of dogs.

In October the daily posts will be devoted to three successive themes from the most recent Crazy Dog Train Me Newsletter. These themes are: The Magic Touch: Good For People, Good For Pets, which looks at the benefits of physical contact for pets and people;  The Differences Between Right and Left Pawed Dogs; and The Rewards Of Dog Training.

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