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New website for dog lovers: DogBarkz launches

DogBarkz is an online social network for dogs. It allows up to three dogs per account to Bark (like tweeting), Sniff other dogs (like following on twitter), Praise Barkz (like Facebook's "Like" button), and shop for coupons, gift certificates and other dog-related items.

Facts about DogBarkz

  • Each dog you add (up to three) to the site gets their own profile page which includes a photo, sex, age (in dog years), short bio and a button to sniff them.
  • The more you use the site (i.e. sniffing, barking, shopping, logging in and praising), the more "treats" you collect. Those treats are a form of "dog currency" on DogBarkz. They can be used to purchase downloadable coupons, gift cards and other dog-related gifts that appear in the DogBarkz Store.
  • Barkz can be made at any time just like a tweet. Also, you can Bark @ other dogs by adding an "@" symbol in front of their usernames (just like twitter)
  • Barkz can be "Re-Barked" (i.e. retweets) and you can "Bark-Back" or reply to another user's bark.
  • You can search for other dogs based on location. Just use enter the zip code that you live in.
  • Sir Reginald S. Bacon Esq. (Reggie for short) is the spokes dog for DogBarkz (like Tom from Myspace). Once you sign up for DogBarkz, you automatically sniff Reggie and he cannot be unsniffed. Reggie's Barkz are also highlighted.
  • DogBarkz has a blog that interacts with the social networking site. The blog will be holding photo contests, polls and other interactive features to increase user activity within the site.

Here is additional info about the site...

  • The site is built for Dogs, as if dogs actually have a voice and can use a computer. So you can have fun with that whole concept.
  • The site is not live yet. It won't be until early 2012. Right now there is just a blog and a landing page to collect email addresses. The landing page is also set up to be viral. Once you sign up, you are given a special link to post on your various social networking accounts. If people sign up as a result of your link, you will be granted early access to the site.

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