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Ooboo Designs accommodates Fido with an indoor house of his or her own

When I travel, I take my dog’s toys, house, attic and am able to easily carry all of this in a portable, collapsible design. How so? Thanks to the folks at Ooboo Designs, the Pet Haven folding indoor pet house has taken up permanent residence in its human counterpart.

My dog isn’t much of a crate-mentality pooch; having trained him early on, he has free roaming rights of the house. So, too, do his toys. I never know exactly where to store them so that whenever he wants to play they are easily available. Ooboo solved that dilemma for me.

The Pet Haven folding indoor dog house easily assembles, is super portable and with its rich faux leather design, lends itself well to the decor of any abode. No tools needed to assemble, comes with its own carry bag and easily cleans. The memory foam sleep pillow has become Dexter’s favorite part of the ensemble, as he nestles cozily and comfortably in his very own digs. The “attic” toy storage compartment houses his squeaky balls and stuffed toys with ease.

Dog moms and dads will love the non-confining design of the Pet Haven house. When a dog wants to retreat and have his or her own “space,” they can easily walk into this and nestle as snug as a bug in a rug. The Pet Haven accommodates a pet up to 24 inches long, so keep this in mind when ordering. A sizing guide is available on the Ooboo Designs website. This is the type of product you invest in for Fido (or Fluffy) as a long-term solution that blends in with your home’s own decor.

Features include:

Easy Assembly – No Tools Needed
Lid Opens for Attic Toy/Leash Storage
Carrying Case with Leash Pocket
Easy to Clean
Faux Leather Exterior
Resists Odors and Moisture
Folds Flat for Storage or Travel
Ventilation/Carry Holes
Memory Foam Sleep Pillow with Washable Terry Cover

The front of the Pet Haven is not meant to close nor be confining, and we love this feature so very much. During a recent thunderstorm, my little guy took comfort in retreating to the Pet Haven home. That alone gave me tremendous peace of mind.

Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored by Ooboo Designs  and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for FIDO Friendly magazine. We welcome your feedback and comments.

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