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Pet King Brands Donates $240,000 of ZYMOX Ear Products to Help 12,000 Pets in Need

Ear infections are among the top health issues seen among dogs in animal shelters, rescues, humane societies and animal sanctuaries across the U.S.  According to Nationwide Insurance, pet medical claims for ear infections were the #2 most common medical condition to prompt a visit to the veterinarian in 2017.


These infections can cause a myriad of symptoms, including: pain, discharge, irritability and even hearing loss if left untreated. Ear infections can also make it more challenging for shelters to adopt out afflicted dogs.

To assist animals suffering from ear infections and increase adoptions of rescued dogs, pet health products company Pet King Brands, Inc. today announced it donated 12,000 bottles of ZYMOX PLUS Advanced Otic ear products, marking the company’s largest donation to date.  The novel product is part of the enzymatic family of products for the successful management of pet ear infections.

Dedication to animals in need is not new for Pet King as they have employed an animal advocate for nearly 10 years. The position has grown into an entire department dedicated to Cause Marketing and is a guiding principal of Pet King President Pamela K. Bosco.

“We receive stories all the time regarding the impact ZYMOX has had on pet ear health.  We are also aware that shelters are overcrowded and under-funded with a large pet population suffering from painful ear infections,” Bosco said. “We realized we could help on a large scale. We want pets to become more adoptable, sooner. Plus, ZYMOX is very easy to use, which reduces the demands on the shelter staff.”

Pet King Brands will continue to help in the cause of promoting pet adoptions, reducing homeless pets and supporting pets in shelters through other substantial donations in the future.

About Pet King Brands, Inc.

Pet King Brands is led by President and Founder, Pamela Bosco, who first introduced ZYMOX to the veterinary world in 1998.  Based on years of research, she knew she had a product that was going to change the way people managed pet ear infections.  Today, the patented LP3 Enzyme System is in all the products Pet King produces from the ear products to skin topicals to shampoo and conditioning rinse, and brushless oral care products.  ZYMOX remains a stark contrast to other products on the market; offering effective solutions that are easy to use, free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics and made in the USA. 


The ZYMOX and ORATENE lines represent true advances in the field of veterinary health.  Bosco owes her discovery to her brother, Michael Pellico, the bioscientist credited with adapting his enzyme technology in Biotene®, the #1 dentist recommended product for people suffering from Dry Mouth, and making it safe for use in pets.   Pet King Brands’ unwavering commitment to the well-being of pets is the reason they take such great pride in delivering high quality products that are safe as well as effective.  ZYMOX and ORATENE are now available through veterinarians and select retailers.  To learn more, visit

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