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Pet Tech Startup PLAY-TAG Launches Pre-Sale Campaign for Early Adopters

Play-tag, the pet tech startup dedicated to promoting dog safety, is thrilled to announce the launch of a pre-sale campaign for early adopters!  The company, lead by founder Maggie Owsley, is committed to improving the safety and well being of dogs and their owners through smart technology.

The statistics are jarring: two million dogs are stolen and six million more are lost each year in the United States. 90% of these dogs lack adequate identification and, as a result, vanish into the shelter system, never to see their heartbroken families again.

Enter Play-tag, the first smart wearable technology for dogs that acts as an invisible leash and storage device for vital medical records. Whether you’re running into the corner store or out for a mountain hike, Play-tag offers dog owners peace of mind by keeping a responsible eye on their pup when they themselves cannot.

The tag is controlled by a user-friendly smartphone app, enabling owners to set virtual location boundaries that seamlessly alert them and their networks in case the dog strays beyond these confines. In the event of an emergency, vets and fellow users can quickly and securely identify the missing dog and access its medical records and pressing health needs, potentially saving the dog’s life and ensuring a safe return all with the swipe of a screen.

Play-tag is smart technology for the 21st Century pet parent, merging cutting edge Bluetooth Low Energy with lightweight, durable design to keep dogs – and their owners – happy and free from harm.

Play-tag retails for $49.99 plus shipping. Throughout this promotion, you can receive a 20% discount - – simply enter WOOF20 at checkout.  Visit them here!

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