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Plato Pet Treats Have Tails Waggin With New Small Bites

Wholesome Dog Treat Maker Leads the Pack with One of the Highest Meat Inclusions and Original-Sourced Ingredients
To satisfy the growing need in the veterinary, training and consumer communities, Plato Pet Treats announced today a new, tasty treat offering – Small Bites® – that are nearly 90 percent lower in calories than the average treat. True to Plato Pet Treats’ heritage, Small Bites contain single-source and novel proteins and are completely free of added sugars, artificial preservatives, by-products, artificial colors, protein-meals, soy, wheat, corn, fillers and are never freeze dried.
“We consistently hear veterinarians ask for more lower-calorie treat options for their patients, especially since nearly half of the dogs in the U.S. are obese,” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “At the same time we recognize that dog owners love to give their dogs treats as a sign of affection or reward. With this in mind, we formulated Small Bites to meet everyone’s needs – lower calories, palatable treats, packed with natural nutrition.”
Made in the U.S., Small Bites’ No. 1 ingredient is a single-source protein. The treat contains novel proteins – not a mix of different meats – which are especially good for dogs with skin issues, allergies and food sensitivities. Plato’s newest treats are slow-baked in-house and unlike other treats that are loaded with fillers and packed with calories, each Plato Pet ingredient can be traced back to its original source. The tail-waggin’ treats do not contain sugar, molasses, maple syrup, corn or wheat. 

Small Bites nose out the competition for trainers because they have one of the highest meat inclusions compared to other training treats on the market. The lower-calorie count is important to help dogs maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, the treats simply taste great, so dogs eagerly want to earn them.
Small Bites come in two varieties – Organic Chicken and Duck – and are available through online retailers and at independent pet food stores worldwide for a suggested price of $7.35 for a 4 oz. bag and $15.29 for a 10.6 oz. bag.

More information on the entire Plato Pet Treat product line can be found or

About Plato Pet Treats

To meet the need for a truly healthy and safe treat alternative for dogs, Plato Pet Treats formulated a series of all-natural treats and supplements, including Plato Pet Treats Real Strips®, Plato Pet Treats Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil®, Plato Pet Treats Thinker Sticks® and most recently Plato Pet Treats Small Bites®. Family-owned and operated, all Plato Pet treats are slow-baked in-house in Fresno, Calif. Unlike most pet treats, each ingredient can be traced back to its original source. Only fresh veggie and meat ingredients are baked in the organic-certified facility – the Plato Way.

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