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Purina Hosts First-Ever Better With Pets Summit in New York City and FIDO Was There

FIDO Friendly was so excited to attend this invitation only event!  The day long summit featured 16 dynamic speakers and presenters, including animal welfare advocate Beth Stern (and 2 time FIDO cover girl), Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.   Purina hosted this first-ever Better With Pets Summit on Nov. 19, bringing together remarkable thinkers from a wide spectrum of culture to help broaden and advance the way relationships between pets and people are viewed. 

Speakers and presenters included Beth Stern, an animal welfare advocate and author; Dr. Marty Becker, also known as “America’s Veterinarian”; Simon Tofield, cartoonist and author of “Simon’s Cat”; Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit; and several Purina scientists and researchers.

Speaker topics included the healing power of pets, the exploding popularity of pets online, an understanding of pet pain management, and food trends for people and pets. Presentations included a live dance ensemble of the co-evolution of people and pets, a look at how human food can inspire the creation of pet food, and a view of the world from a dog’s perspective.

“As an advocate for service dog accessibility, I know first-hand how pets help people, and people help pets -both emotionally and physically,” said John Hockenberry, host of public radio’s “The Takeaway” and master of ceremonies of the Better With Pets Summit. “The Better With Pets Summit is a great way for pet people of all backgrounds to advance conversations around people and pets.”

For more information about the inaugural Better With Pets Summit, and to view and share presentations and performances from the event, visit .

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