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Puro Sound Labs Set To Revolutionize Audio Experience

I have always enjoyed wearing headphones instead of ear buds and after receiving a set of snazzy gold studio-grade wireless headphones from, Puro Sound Labs, I found out that I was not just stylin some cool headphones but saving my hearing as well with their first Healthy Ears® headphones for adults.

The new BT5200 studio-grade wireless headphones will follow the successful BT2200 line of studio-grade wireless kids headphones. The new BT5200 headphones feature improved audio quality and an advanced volume monitoring and interactive reporting system to guide users to safer listening.

"How loud is too loud? How loud is safe?"™ With the introduction of the BT5200 studio-grade wireless headphones, Puro Sound Labs has the first solution on the market that answers those questions. Puro has implemented an industry first; an advanced volume monitoring and interactive reporting system, an adult version of their Healthy Ears® technology.

Puro Sound Labs BT5200 headphones use an advanced microprocessor to continually monitor and accurately report the volume levels measured in decibels. The multi-colored LED indicator provides users with an interactive experience that will guide and educate them on the way to safer listening, for example:

GREEN (85 dB or less) = Go ahead and enjoy safe listening for up to to eight hours.

YELLOW (85 - 95 dB) = Caution, limit use at this level to no more than two hours.

RED (over 95 dB) = Stop, or limit to fewer than 15 minutes a day.

A critical part of the BT5200's Healthy Ears solution comes from the audio engineering that is in every Puro Sound Labs product. Pristine audio quality provided by unique frequency response curve called Puro Balanced Response® recreates the natural sound produced in a perfectly tuned listening room. This also includes best-in-class noise attenuation, blocking over 82% of ambient noise through thoughtful construction and supple ear--pads for a good seal to block out external noise, and a 24-hour battery life lets you listen for as long as you want.

So next time you are out walking Fido and listening to your favorite tunes, consider sporting a pair of headphones from


*the writer did receive product to include in the blog review.

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