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QuietTime® Defender Series Geometric Pattern Beds with Teflon® Fabric Protector

America's leading manufacturer of pet beds and the world's leader in fabric protection technology have teamed together to bring you QuietTime® Defender Series pet beds with Teflon® fabric protector.

Fabrics treated with Teflon® branded repellent fight off dry soil, pet dander, and coat oils, and they fend off nasty, unpredictable spills, splashes, and "accidents," allowing liquids to bead up and roll off into the appropriate receptacle. Liquid spills can easily be wiped away when blotted with a clean cloth, and dry soil can be brushed off easily.

Teflon® fabric protector fends off soil, stains, and spills without impacting the fabric’s weight, look, feel, color, or breathability. Teflon® fabric protector makes it easier to keep your pet bed looking fresh and clean. Nothing matches the superior stain protection of Teflon®. Teflon® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC LLC, used under license by MidWest Homes for Pets.

Manufactured with the quality and care you’ve come to expect, QuietTime® beds are machine washable with material, stuffing, and stitching that lasts. MidWest's Geometric Pattern Beds are designed with comfort and style in mind, and they are an attractive complement to any décor. 

QuietTime Defender Geometric Pattern Beds are available in four styles and three colors, each with therapeutic, extra-cushioned support providing ultimate comfort for your dog.

Bolstered Orthopedic Sofas 

Available in two convenient sizes: 30" x 40" and 36" x 54", our sofas are made with exquisitely-soft, dreamy fleece and durable poly/cotton full-coverage material. They feature an encased, extra-stuffed polyfiber bolster and an orthopedic foam base with a zippered, easy-to-remove, machine washable cover.


Orthopedic Nesting Beds

MidWest’s nesting beds are available in five sizes for extra-small to extra-large breeds: 20", 25", 29", 36" and 43". Featuring exquisitely-soft, dreamy fleece and durable poly/cotton full-coverage material, these beds offer orthopedic, convoluted, “egg crate” foam support with a 2” thick foam bolster. The zippered cover is easy to remove and machine washable.


Double Thick Ortho Beds

A customer favorite, the extra-thick orthopedic convoluted egg crate foam support is paired with a zippered, machine washable, easy-to-remove cover. With exquisitely-soft dreamy fleece and durable poly/cotton full-coverage cover, these beds provide support and comfort for hip dysplasia, arthritis and convalescent pets.



Polyfill Pillows

MidWest’s Polyfill Pillows are extra-stuffed and available in rectangle sizes 27” x 36" and 36” x 48" as well as 34" round and 48" round.  With exquisitely-soft dreamy fleece on one side and our attractive geometric patters on the other, the durable poly/cotton full-coverage cover encases the soft and fluffy polyfiber. The zippered cover is easy-to-remove and machine washable.

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