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RUGGABLE® 2-Piece Rug System

RUGGABLE® 2-Piece Rug System is the solution to common complaints with rugs on the market today.  A cushioned, non-slip rug pad acts as a solid base to a variety of stylish covers. The covers firmly attach to the rug pad but are easily removed, machine washable and interchangeable!


Easy and Affordable to Clean


Interchangeable Covers


Rug pad has a water resistant surface and is easy to wipe off


Non-slip (no need for another rug pad)


No more washing built-in rubber backings


Cover stays in place when attached (no bunching or separating)


Easy to vacuum


Allows you to wash and dry the cover to help reduce dust and other allergens


Lightweight and Easy to Transport


Offered in many different styles and sizes.

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