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Schnoodleware dog toys: product review

I love dog toys that:

• Are relatively inexpensive
• Don’t jingle or jangle but are good ole-fashioned fun
• Engage my dog for more than 5 minutes
• Hold up to wear and tear
• Are machine washable
• Are made in America
• Have variations that allow multiple dog play
• Give back to service dogs

Schnoodleware Dog Toys
fit all those criteria and then some.

Choose from several variations: The Criss Cross and Toss, which is 16 inches long and doggone fun for multiple dog play. Imagine tug o’ war with a twist, literally. See?

Then there’s Catch and Fetch. This beauty is 17 inches long and has a recycle regulation tennis ball inside. The toy floats so water play is doggone soaking fun!

Finally, there’s the Sock and Roll, which is 16 inches long and has a tennis ball in the toe for extra tugging fun! There are smaller variations available for the smaller Fido set.

How many toys has your Fido destroyed due to lack of durability ? I decided to step outside my dog tester box and have a friend with THREE big dogs tested a Schnoodleware dog toy. How exactly would it hold up? My friend, Megan, tells me her three dogs are mega destroyers of toys. Eep.

Check out the video at this link and then decide: Schnoodleware tested

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