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SEALY Orthopedic Dog Beds with Memory Foam - FIDO Approved

Sleeping with FIDO can be a cuddly experience, but what if your canine is large or giant and you’re afraid that if s/he hops up on the bed in the dark another pet or one of your body parts will be inadvertently squashed?

It's Sealy to the rescue with their new elegant and beyond comfortable Extra Large Sealy Dog Bed! Sealy’s Quad Layer Technology creates a cool & supportive spot to slumber.

Sealy’s dog bed features a Cooling Energy Gel to regulate body temperature; Pet Rest Memory Foam to adapt to your pet’s body & increase circulation; the Bio-Green Orthopedic Foam to evenly distribute your dog’s weight in the bed; and the Pro-Charcoal HD Foam Base that absorbs odors and provides another layer of support. Hidden zippers, a waterproof liner, foam bolster, and a non-slip bottom are other special details that make this bed a favorite.

Sweet doggy dreams!


Available in gray or brown. $199.99.  Visit for other sizes and options.

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