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Sit n’ Stay Global Featured on Posh Pets: Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry

Wait until you see this pampered pooch on TV! 

HGTV was at Long Beach Airport recently to capture the life of a pampered pet for its upcoming special, “Posh Pets: Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry.” The network featured Carol Martin, Top Dog of Sit n’ Stay Global, on a segment about pets flying on private aircraft. The show airs on June 22 at 9:00pm e/p.


The segment follows RJ, a Shepherd Doodle, aboard his owner’s GIII, as he is feted and treated to luxurious in-flight service from Sit ‘n Stay Global. After the comprehensive pet safety briefing, with RJ safely strapped in his seat belt harness, the humans and pets enjoyed playing pet games, doggie massages and a gourmet snack of healthy treats.


“RJ was a great model for the show,” laughed Martin. “At Sit ‘n Stay, we believe in treating our pet passengers just like family, and he really got into the act – at one point even sticking his face right into the pet oxygen mask.”


Martin added, “There’s a serious side to our pet service; we stress the pre-flight briefing to ensure that pets on board are given the same safety considerations as their human companions. This means being secured to the aircraft with a seat belt harness, adapting the supplemental oxygen system with special pet oxygen masks, and always having pet-specific floatation devices on board. After that, it’s just about having fun and keeping the pet occupied.”


Sit ‘n Stay Global, has allied with other pet-loving flight attendants to form a trifecta for assuring the safety and pampering of your pet in-flight and after. Martin added, “We offer specially-trained flight attendants, who know pet first aid and CPR for animals. We are also the only company that has an established set of safety protocols for pets. Everything from turbulence to ditching has been anticipated, and safety measures have beenadapted to keep your pet safe from harm. We even carry pet oxygen masks, flotation devices and safety harnesses on every flight with a pet.”


In addition to the flight segment, the show will feature a resort just for dogs, and the luxury accommodations at a hotel that caters to upscale pet owners.


Sit ‘n Stay has flight attendants based on both coasts and are available globally. For more information, visit their web site:


Pictures shown are of  Surf Dog Ricochet


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