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Sleepypod introduces Duke 2.0, Most Advanced Crash Test Dog Ever

Our friends at Sleepypod®, a Pasadena-based company known for redefining pet products, today unveils DUKE 2.0, the most advanced crash test dog ever. DUKE 2.0 is a crash test dog with new instrumentation and better biofidelity than any of Sleepypod’s previous crash test pets. DUKE 2.0 provides measurable data that enables Sleepypod to create safer car restraint designs for pets.

DUKE 2.0 weighs 75 pounds and can be compared to a large sized dog. A camera mounted in his head records point of view video footage of a crash. DUKE 2.0 has improved weight distribution than his predecessor, DUKE 1.0. New articulated joints allow the legs and waist to bend. A realistic neck and spinal structure flexes and compresses like the spine of a real dog, helping Sleepypod to assess whiplash.



Load cells are integrated into the highly vulnerable chest area to measure forces when moving forward in a collision. The data is then downloaded to a computer for analysis. This accurate, verifiable data collected from DUKE 2.0’s crash tests is critical to determining which pet safety restraint designs will lower the damaging forces on a dog during a collision.

“A poorly engineered passenger restraint system can cause more harm than good,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. “A good restraint system needs to be able to absorb kinetic energy while keeping the pet from accelerating forward and leaving the seat.”

DUKE 2.0 allows Sleepypod to create a better pet safety restraint design. Leung continues, “DUKE 2.0 enables Sleepypod to measure the impact of a collision, thereby allowing Sleepypod to design pet safety restraints that reduce injuries.”

About Sleepypod

Look behind the beautiful designs and you’ll find multiple functions, durable materials, and safety beyond compare. Sleepypod pet products have earned numerous awards and accolades for safety and design innovation. Every Sleepypod carrier and car safety harness has been certified with a top safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety. Pets travel safer with Sleepypod.

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