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Thanks MOM - FIDO Shares The Top 5 Reasons We Love You

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, FIDO wanted to share 5 things we love about our pet Moms.  While there are a million things about you that make us bark and wiggle wag with glee, these are 5 things that we love most. 

BIG WAGS AND KISSES to all the proud pet Moms out there!

1. You gave us a family to love.  Whether it’s just the two of us or a bustling pack of kids, cats and other pups, you gave us a home and a family to call our very own.

2. You can’t resist our big beautiful eyes!  FIDO knows that deep down you’re a real softie and if we cock our head just so, and stare at you with our big warm eyes, we can get an extra treat no problem!   So c’mon Mom  - how about another carrot?

3. You play ball and Frisbee even when we don’t play right.  FIDO really DOES know that we are supposed to bring the ball and Frisbee back to you, but it’s just so much more fun for us when you have to chase us to get it back instead!

4. You keep us safe and cuddle us when we need it.  FIDO always wants to protect you but sometimes we get scared too (like when the weather is yucky or those darn fireworks go off).  We love that not only will you cuddle with us, you also have the bed just high enough off the ground so we can hide when we need to.

5.  You feed us food that is not only good for us, it tastes good too.  Part of being a good pet Mom is making sure we eat right so we stay fit and healthy and full of energy.  But part of being a GREAT pet Mom is choosing food that also tastes WAG-licious like Petcurean NOW FRESH™   It sounds good when YOU say it, and tastes good when WE eat it!

Petcurean NOW FRESH

FIDO has been a big fan of Petcurean ever since we reviewed their food and took their tasty test drive last year.  We just love the passion and purpose they put in to their products, and how they aspire to go above and beyond by creating recipes that nobody has thought of making, while using the finest of ingredients, like premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries.

For more information visit the Petcurean website 

Check out their FUN Savour Every Mom Facebook Contest too!




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