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The PAW-fect Travel Kennel for FIDO or Fluffy - Collapsible Too!

Portable & Compact Travel Essentials!

What can be better than the dog and cat travel kennel with hard top and hard floor? One that is also collapsible makes this carrier ideal. It makes a lot of sense when you are not using the kennel and packs up quickly and easy to assemble.

Looks like a well-made suitcase and it’s soft grey color is soothing to the eye.

  • A pet carrier that gives you the best features of both hard and soft carriers! 17" long by 13" high by 14" wide, it's suitable for cats, small dogs, and other pets.
  • A hard top and hard base give you sturdy protection for your pet, and gives your pet a firm surface to stand on.
  • The soft sides can be folded down so the whole carrier fits into a neat little package -- just the top and bottom zippered together. Takes up very little storage space while it's not in use.
  • A padded mat in the floor gives your pet a comfortable place to lie down and a non-slip surface to stand on. A see-through mesh door lets him or her keep an eye on the world outside.

See more here and order yours! $79.99



Add their self-heating mat and you have the perfect travel tandem.

  • Package includes two mats: 1 large (22" x 18.5") and 1 small (17" x 11")
  • Self-heating. Includes a layer of mylar film, the same super-insulating material used in spacesuits. Absorbs, holds, and reflects your pet's body heat, and insulates them from cold floors
  • Super comfy. A velvety cover on top and padded with thick, soft, hypoallergenic foam that will stay springy for years
  • Rubberized underside so they stay where you put them, and won't be a slipping danger if someone steps on them

See more here and order yours! $39.99



*FIDO Friendly magazine received product for review.

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