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The Safety Dog Leash Will Change The Way You Walk FIDO

Ever feel like you need a third arm when you’re walking your dog?

Juggling a flashlight, an umbrella, a poop bag, or whatever you need can be quite challenging with a single hand. The Safety Dog Leash enables you to do things that are nearly impossible to do when you’re holding a leash. Text, adjust your hat or glasses, tie your shoes, hold a waste bag, carry an umbrella or flashlight, et cetera while safely maintaining your grip on Rover. The Safety Dog Leash is a sturdy wrist band that connects to any leash leaving your hand available to hold things or to perform other tasks.

The Safety Dog Leash can also be secured on inanimate objects like a chair or rail when seated outside at a restaurant, a fence, a bike rack, or on any object located anywhere you might be spending time with Fido.

Richard Sargis invented the Safety Dog Leash because arthritis in his hand made holding a leash difficult. He was inspired by a frightening incident during which his dog, Rocco, got loose on a walk. Richard and his wife Christina own and operate the business which they started in their garage.

Safety is of paramount interest to Richard and Christina and they are happy to provide people with a worry-free way to ensure their beloved pets are always firmly attached to their human’s wrist via their leashes. As we all know, losing control of your dog even for a few moments can have tragic consequences.

In addition to being a safe and helpful alternative to holding a leash in your hand, the Safety Dog Leash is special because senior citizens in assisted living facilities and veterans residing in nationwide veteran’s hospitals will be assembling the products. Both populations are certain to enjoy being gainfully employment and receiving compensation for their work. The seniors and veterans will sign personalized “Made in the USA by ____ “ cards which will be included in the product packaging.

Safety Dog Leashes are available in red, blue, green, and pink. The Safety Dog Leash is recommended for dogs 70 pounds or under. Also, your dog will still be able to tug on your arm so take into consideration your personal strength and health when using the Safety Dog Leash.

See more here and order yours today!

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