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VIMTAG - Now You CAN Know What FIDO Does When You’re Away From Home

My husband and I have been using the VimTag P1 Cloud Camera for exactly one month and we positively love it – so much so, that we have been spreading the word far and wide about the benefits of having a WiFi camera our home.

Last night I was outside gardening and heard a lot of craziness in the house – I didn’t have to run in the house, with my bad knees, to see what was going on - I simply opened the VimTag app on my phone and checked the cameras! Being able to position the camera lens just about anywhere helps you locate your pets quickly on the app and the pinch, zoom and rotate screen features on your phone allow you pin-point exactly what you need to see. Our two dogs were at the back door watching a groundhog invade their territory… I would have never known! Having this camera is a total win-win for us.

It leaves us with such a good feeling when we can check in at home while out on the road, at work, on vacation or just out to dinner… knowing everything & everyone that is most valuable to us is being taken care of properly and humanely. As a pet parent, with a dog care provider in our house daily - this camera is absolutely priceless.

There are a million other uses for this camera – keeping an eye on the baby sitter, the elderly, your pets, your home, your business – anything and everything important to you.

The easy set up {we recommend using the router connection method} and affordable price makes this piece of electronic magic available to virtually everyone.

For more information and to order yours today click here!

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