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Want to keep your dog safe in the dark? New Glowdoggie LED collar hits the market

Co-reviewed by Susan Sims, FIDO Friendly publisher

A black dog + black of night = Where’s Fido?

Our black Lab Junior is a pretty good boy. Living out in the country, we have been known to allow him off leash from time to time and he does have pretty good recall. We are not in the habit of letting him off leash at night however with the exception of the last ‘order of business’ for the day.

However, even the most well-behaved dog when faced with sudden movement from a stray cat or fox, will take off for parts unknown. I was thrilled to receive the Glowdoggie™LED collar for review and wasted no time placing it on Junior for our nightly walk. (Important: you do not attach a leash to the Glowdoggie™ as it is not meant to take the place of your regular control collar).

Of course it glows and is somewhat hypnotic when Junior prances down the drive to the fields. More importantly, it helps keep him safe and seen in all situations.

Glowdoggie™comes with a quick manual to instruct its activation as well as a tips section with video on their website, Glowdoggie™.

Check out our video review of the Glowdoggie™ LED collar:

GlowDoggie review by FIDO Friendly

Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored by Glowdoggie and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for FIDO Friendly magazine. We welcome your feedback and comments

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