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Want to make your dog immortal? Introducing Tracy

1 of 3 dogs get lost and millions enter animal shelters every year. Tracy tracks your dog's position and health by measuring Lifestyle Behaviours. Enter for the chance to get one before market release + a painting of your dog on canvas here: Tracy Giveaway 

The story behind Tracy is one many of us can relate to. The Founder's girlfriend lost her puppy Tracy in the middle of the Swedish winter - luckily, she was found by a hero in a nearby neighbourhood. The Founder, Artan Mansouri - previously working as an artist; couldn’t drop the thought of those millions of dogs who don’t get to see home again, leading him to create a tracker named after Tracy.

Founder and Top Dog


1. Tracy comes with a Base Station that you plug into your home. That gives you 5-10km of Coverage Radius in/around your house, and the more that plug in – the safer for our furry friends.

2. Attach Tracy to your dog's collar.

3. Follow your dog in 'real-time' or make Safety Zones in the Tracy app. If your pooch walks outside the safe zone you set, you will get an alert.

Prototype of the Tracy Tracker

Relax and get more time to enjoy an easy 'Pawsome' life. While you take it easy, Tracy will recognize your dog's behaviours such as sleep, exercise, eating habits and much more - giving you an in-depth view of your dog’s health. With these 'Insights' we can make sure our dogs get the right treatment, helping to prolong their lifespan.

Tracy App

The product will be launched on Indiegogo in February. Right now, Tracy is doing a giveaway of the product + a canvas painting of the winning dog, made + signed by the Founder. Enter the giveaway here.  

Canvas of Little Baby Chips 

Dogs around the world have supported Tracy's cause by spreading pictures of themselves under the hashtag #TracyHero. Amongst those are Rachel Brathen's dog, Ringo - Boss the French bulldog and many more.

  • I hope that we together will create a dog safe world. Our dogs are side by side to us every day, we trust their loyalty. I hope that we can show them loyalty back. Says the Founder and “Top Dog” at Tracy, Artan Mansouri.

    You can read more about Tracy here! 

Boss the French Bulldog as #TracyHero

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