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We Are What We Eat And So Is FIDO

We have all heard this phrase regarding our own diets, but what about our furry family members?

Dogs and people have lived together for centuries and we are now seeing parallel trends in their health and well being. Over the last twenty-five years, as processed foods have become more available, so have the rates of obesity and infertility. 1 in 3 Americans is either overweight or obese and 54% of our dogs are too.  One in 5 men now have low sperm counts. The University of Nottingham England Veterinary School saw a parallel in a decrease in sperm motility in dogs over the last quarter century. Most people and their dogs are eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise.

Processed foods are defined as foods that are chemically processed and made from refined ingredients and artificial substances. They are high in refined carbohydrates which lead to spikes in blood glucose.  They lack the original nutrients found in what we call 'whole foods'.  Whole foods are the ones you can eat right out of the garden. Real foods contain a balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that work together to get absorbed the way nature intended.

Most processed foods need to be 'fortified' with synthetic vitamins and minerals because these nutrients have been destroyed during manufacturing. They are made with cheap fats which contain more omega 6 fatty acids leading to heart disease and inflammation in the bowel and joints. Because we want a long shelf life, water is removed from most packaged foods. This lack of moisture places a burden on the kidneys, lungs and GI system.

Ultra processed foods like soft drinks, cakes, white bread, cereals and deli meats all lack any real nutrition.  As our love of convenience grows, so does a litany of health problems.  

As people are becoming more aware of this problem, manufacturers are starting to remove artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from food.  Fast food restaurants are changing their menus to reflect the public's growing demand for cleaner, healthier choices.


Yes, we have a new awareness of the effects that diet has on our health. But the dogs in our lives are suffering from the same illnesses as their owners. Why? Because this same consciousness has not caught up to the way we feed our dogs. The same diseases we see in people are now reflected in our dogs' health. The causes are the same. Processed, dried, convenient kibble is not real food. It is not the way we are meant to feed them. We need whole foods like fish, meats, fruits and vegetables and so do they.


Real food is the key to good health for us and for our dogs. Junk food is simply not the answer.

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