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Your FIDO and Partner’s Chemistry Matters

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, FIDO wanted to share these tips for keeping EVERYONE wagging and kissing!

A recent survey found that 67% of women would end a relationship with their partner if they clashed with their pet!  Pets can be aggressive or wary towards new love interests or even long-term partners, but there are ways to help your pet warm up to your beau.

ASPCA behavior experts offer the following tips and more on how to help your pet and partner get along:

Ask your partner to be the bearer of all good things for your pet each day: food, toys and treats should come from your other instead of from you. Over time your pet will come to see him in a positive light.

Ask your other not to force interaction with your pet. Pets tend to see the approach of someone they fear or distrust as a threat, so it’s best for your other to play it cool and let your pet make the first overture of friendship.

The way to your pet’s heart is through his belly! Reward your pet with treats for every step they take to investigate your beau, whether it be sniffing, approaching or rubbing up on him. Encouraging this social behavior with food will grease the wheels of affection.

Visit the ASPCA for more information about all the wonderful things they offer!

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