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CLOSED 25 Days of Gift Giving - New Prize Offered Every Day!

Our 25 Days of Gift Giving  starts December 1 and runs through December 25th (with a bonus day on the 26th!)

You will want enter to win EACH DAY, one winner chosen each and every day, for that day's prize!  Use this link to enter  (DAILY) and GOOD LUCK





December 1st - Brandi Coyner from Reno, NV  -

Sleepypod introduces Ultimate Pet Travel Packages ~ Combine the award winning  Sleepypod, Sleepypod Air or Sleepypod Atom with products like Yummy Travel Bowls, Little Germs Organics Stay Clean Travel Kits, and Sleepypod Pendants to ensure that all your pet travel needs are addressed.

.December 2nd  -   Shari Garber from Elk Rapids, Michigan -

Known all over the world, our famous SnugglePuppies™ and SnuggleKitties™ with “pulsing” heart and warmers will help your pet, too.


December 3rd  -  Brigitte Walsh from St Louis, MO -

Fine Jewelry for Pet Lovers.


December 4th - Sarah Tracey -

TWO Products: DERMagic Organic Diatomaceous Earth Flea Bar ~ Insect-Repelling Proprietary Essential Oil Blend Combines with the Natural Flea Killing Power of Diatomaceous Earth AND  DERMagic Flea Dust ~No more toxic chemicals, sprays, or drops! DERMagic’s Flea Dust, made from food grade diatomaceous earth, is the perfect companion to the very popular organic Flea Shampoo Bar, which kills fleas and lice while leaving the coat and skin shining, healthy, and smelling great!


December 5thBOBBI CHURCH from Newland, NC- AND

This brand new holiday gift is sure to be a huge hit with any dog lover that is also a wine lover! We’ve included some of our most popular ‘Sit . . Stay . . Drink! wine themed items, along with Vineyard themed pasta, gourmet pasta mix, and wine themed chocolate truffle mix – and that’s only for the dog’s human! The pooch gets some of our finest holiday toys and treats too!!

Yappy Hour Vineyards dog wine produces a non-alcoholic, gravy/au-jus product that turns dry kibble into a meaty succulent dish that rivals the qualities of wet dog foods.  This product is totally made of 100% human grade ingredients in an FDA approved facility. 

Wine for Dogs?  Yes indeed!  Just released and perfect for holiday giving to that dog lover on your list.


December 6th CHRISTINE AIELLO from Massapequa, NY

Dog Walking Carry-All ~ RUNNUR


December 7th - SHERRI JONES from Spring Hill, FLA

The Zero Shock Leash™ has been designed using our Zero Shock Technology; a shock absorbing component that drastically reduces strain and pull on the dog and the owner. Utilising the EzyDog Soft Touch WebbingTM and a generously sized neoprene handle, this leash really is a pleasure to hold in your hand and is perfect for walking and jogging with your dog. The Zero Shock Technology adds protection from sudden moves made by you or your dog, a need still in demand well beyond the training stage. Make your walks more enjoyable and comfortable, your dog will love it too.


December 8th - DORIS GARDNER from Chicago, IL

FrostyBowlz® Freezer Activated Chilled Pet Bowl By Talega Products


December 9th -   JAMIE STEAGALL from Evansvile, WI

WagletWorks Adventure Dog Gear-The Complete Set by WagletWorks


December 10th -   JASON CARROLL from Dubuque, IA

BioBag Dog Waste Bags hold the distinction of being the first certified compostable “plastic” pooper bag in the world. It is one of our most popular products.  Why use regular plastic bags that can “mummify” your pet’s waste for a lifetime? BioBags are a great alternative!  BioBags Waste PickUp Bags are made from plants, vegetable oils & Mater-Bi polymer.  Get 15 % off BioBags at Enter “biobag15” at check out.


December 11th - JOHANNAH BROOKWELL from Clifton, VA  Carruth Studio

Two of our most popular dog plaques, cast in stone from original carvings by George Carruth:

Walking In The Rain - #1206 - Price: $40.00

Family Dog - #1089 - Price: $30.90 - Verse reads: "Dog: The Only Family Member You Can Choose"


December 12th -   JASON CARROLL from Dubuque, IA


December 13thLISA ADAMS from Spring, TX   417.869.8181

Unleashed Life ~ Style…Not Reserved for Humans ~ The intricately detailed high stakes design of our porcelain Monte Carlo Collection is a winning addition to any home. You may even have to play your upper hand to snag them from your dogs to use for your next poker party.


December 14th -  KRISTINA GRUNO from Wasilla, AK   866-433-6426

The Good Dog Company ~ Earth Friendly Goods For Your Best Friend ~ Our collars and leashes are oh so natural and soft!   We manufacture our products in the USA out of 55% Industrial Hemp and 45% Certified Organic cotton.

•         Soft fabric- Doesn’t rub and create hotspots
•         Durable – Machine washable and will last a long time
•         Hemp is naturally hypo-allergenic (Good for sensitive dogs and our leashes are soft on your hands)
•         Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial  (OK to get wet and is color fast!)


December 15th -  YVETTE CARSON from Louisville, KY

Rupert's Simply Smoochable Doggie and Kitty Mouth Spray


December 16th -  TRACEY LUGGIERO from Williamsport, MD

Life Is Pawfect™ is a whimsical collection of dog portraits from The Pawtographer™ and animal lover, Robert Semrow. Featuring more than 50 wonderful and unique portrait scenes from Semrow’s vast collection, each photo in the book is accompanied by funny and clever wisdom. 


December 1 888 364-3293

Camp Gone to the Dogs ~ A Vermont vacation for you and your dog ~ June 2-8,2013

  • Includes a private room,all meals, classes, workshops and lectures
  • Transportation is not included



December 18th -

There are people who give their dogs commands and those who give them back rubs. There are dogs who are told to stay off the couch and those with a chair at the table. And there are some who believe a dog is a companion and others who call him family. If you see yourself at the end of these lists, you're not alone. And neither is your dog. We're Central Bark Doggy Day Care and we're as crazy about your dog as you are.

It is our dogma to provide personalized pet care in an environment that is clean, safe and fun as an alternative to kennel boarding and lonely days at home. As a leader in the industry, we will continually strive to provide a variety of superior services and set the standard for excellence in canine care that will help dogs become better canine citizens, improve the quality of dogs' lives and enhance canine/parent relationships.

Prize: Adorable paw shaped stocking filled to the brim with various treats and toys to make Barkley one happy pup this holiday season!!


December 19th -   802.483.2311

Pet friendly classic mountain resort located in central Vermont; The Mountain Top Inn & Resort welcomes you and your dog; 350 acres to roam, hike and xc ski or snowshoe with “Fido”. Each dog receives tasty Vermont made healthy dog treats, a comfy bed, bowls and lots of love from our "Fido friendly" staff. Dog walking available.

The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
195 Mountain Top Road
Chittenden, VT 05737


December 20th -   

Pet Flys "Rescue" Canvas tote ~ Made of 100% canvas cotton, the Pet Flys Canvas Boat Tote is airline approved. This smart tote weighs just 2.25 pounds and includes a machine washable plush pillow insert and cuddle blankie (made in the USA). There's a special patch pocket on the side and a silky fashion scarf. Show your support of "adopt, don't shop" with the "Rescue" tote. Airline approved  for pets weighing under 12 pounds. As a convertible tote, it can accommodate dogs up to 18 pounds. Dimensions are 16"L x 11"H x 8"W with a 30" shoulder strap. There is also a safety strap inside.



December 21st - 

Buddy Belt - The ultimate easy-to-use harness



December 22nd -

Hand Crafted Crystal Collars  Crystal Cottage Industries LLC


December 23rd -

Dog Collar Boutique,


December 24th -    

The Original PoopBags, by PoopBags


December 25th -  704-225-3608

Calming classical music for today's "stressed out" pets....and their owners!

“Mellow Melodies” is the latest CD / MP3 release from Music My Pet and features classical music selected specifically for animals to provide comfort and relieve anxiety. As a follow-up to the first release (Classic Cuts), Mellow Melodies continues the tradition of calming classical music, featuring a soothing palette of new pieces and new composers (Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Rachmaninoff and many more). After entertaining children as a performer on Disney’s Baby Einstein DVDs/CDs, producer and composer Tom Nazziola brought his talents to the challenge of creating music to calm pets.  Nazziola chose songs that would be most calming for animals and re-orchestrated popular classical music using sounds and chords that are best suited to soothe pets. In some cases, he removed some of the dramatic passages and replaced them with more calm, consistent sections.

Play "Mellow Melodies" or other Music My Pet CDs and you'll be comforting your pet with the safe, natural and universal language of music.


December 26th - BONUS DAY !!!

$50 Off 2-Night Stay - By Big Bear Cool Cabins



















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