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Adoption Ever After

Meet Pet Rescue Expert Larissa Wohl from Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family.

By Susan Sims, Publisher

Resident pet adoption expert Larissa Wohl on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family is the first to admit that she has a dream job. ”I pinch myself every single day that I get to do this, it’s magical, I love it,” says Larissa.

Before landing her spot on Home & Family, Larissa graduated with a degree in journalism from San Francisco State University and worked as a broadcast journalist in a few different markets such as Tucson, Bakersfield and San Diego. Larissa explains, “I was considered an MMJ, which is a Multi Media Journalist as I had to shoot and edit my own stories.” Covering a wide arrange of topics from the Gabby Gifford shooting in Tucson to fun stories about animals impacting people, Larissa was ready for the steady environment on Home & Family. “I truly love my job now as I get to cover a passionate subject. It’s all truly come full circle,” she says.

Viewers are entertained daily by learning about different animal shelters where their perfect pet may be waiting for them. Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After pet adoption initiative is the tagline at the end of each segment.

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