Issue 75: Summer 2018

Fido Friendly Issue 75

20 4Paws Kingdom
This “Human-Friendly” Campground in North Carolina Offers a One-of-a-Kind Experience for two-and four-legged Guests.

22 Back to the Beach
Visit the best dog beaches in America.

24 Block Island, Rhode Island
One of New England’s best-kept secrets.

26 The Shallows Resort
Family owned The Shallows Resort in Egg Harbor treats you and Fido like family.

28 Florida Keys
There’s more fun for Fido and family than ever.

30 Tropical Dog
Take a road trip in the heart of Morocco with Fido.

32 Adventures in Petsitting Walking through elds of gold in the Spanish sunshine.

12 Contest Winners
See some of the recent winners and their loot from FIDO Friendly contests!

16 FIDO Fun Zone
From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await.

18 FIDO Expo
A bonanza of tongue-wagging canines.

34 Feature Giveaway
Rescue dog Romeo is available for adoption and is surrounded by prizes you have the chance to win!

36 Cover
Meet Larissa Wohl, resident Pet Rescue Expert on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family.

42 Cruelty-free Interior Design
Deborah DiMare founder of and DiMare Design talks about her transition to all vegan, cruelty-free sustainable alternatives in design.

46 Ready to travel and stay for free?
TrustedHousesitters is the largest house and pet sitting community in the world.

52 Mu n’s Halo
An innovative device that protects blind dogs from bumping into walls and hard surfaces.

48 Adoption Story
From chains to a wonderful new life.

50 He Yaps/She Yaps
Our two experts reveal different techniques for that pup who is anxious and stressed.

51 Bowser on a Budget
The dog days of summer mean one more chance to make some special memories.

Lifestyle Guide, and Summer Travel Accessory Guide

66 The Backyard
PupSocks creates charming socks while helping furry friends in need.

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Recent Articles
  • Road trip in Western France with Fido

    Road Trip with my dog Shark

    The must sees from La Rochelle to Mont Saint Michel.

    By Maria Himmich

    What I love about road trips is the freedom to stop by anywhere and anytime I see a beautiful landscape or feel that my dog Shark needs to stretch her legs. During my last stay in France, I decided to hit the road to dis- cover the West coast of the country, from Bordeaux South to Mont Saint Michel North.

    First stop. The...

  • Waterfalling in Love with the Parks and Urban Delights of Greenville

    Waggin at the waterpark in Greenville

    Find canine southern comfort in this South Carolina haven.

    By Robin Tierney

    Big, beautiful waterfalls right in the center of downtown? You know you’re in a special place, even before you and Fido discover Greenville’s cascade of other charms.

    Here, Southern hospitality is authentic, and it extends to canines of all breeds and sizes. At least 125 restaurants welcome dogs, as do the lovely parks...

  • Whistler is Canada’s Fido-friendly Mountain Paradise

    Whistler, Canada's Fido Friendly Mountain Paradise

    Find Fido-Friendly fun on and off the slopes

    By Robin Tierney

    Take a walk anywhere around Whistler and you’ll soon see why this mountain resort is regarded as the “dog-friendly” capital of Canada. With numerous Fido-friendly hotels, canine hospitality and support services, and an epic offering of dog walking trails, it’s the perfect place for a Fido-friendly vacation. But where’s the best place...

  • Breckenridge Offers an Avalanche of Thrills Year-Round

    Breckenridge is among Colorado's most beautiful destinations

    Find Fido-Friendly fun on and off the slopes.

    By Robin Tierney

    What do you bring to a celebration dedicated to the God of snow? Viking helmets and dogs, judging by the annual January ULLR Festival in Breckenridge.

    Due to its high elevation, this Colorado mountain town is known for extra-long seasons of skiing and snowboarding on nearly 3,000 acres and five peaks of epic terrain. But now Breck...

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