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Meet Deborah DiMare, global influencer for the vegan design movement.

By Anne Carol Lucas

“I was living in the bliss of ignorance until I was ready”, explained Deborah DiMare, founder of DiMare Design and Deborah believes that everyone becomes aware at the right time. As she says, “There are no coincidences. All decisions lead towards your path.”

DiMare is most grateful for her turning point, which was the outcome of viewing animal cruelty videos. “The videos consumed me with sadness. I had been purchasing overpriced accessories, which had been made from leather and crocodile, ostrich and other skins. It was hypocritical of me to sit on my leather sofa with my dog, Lucca, by my side after acquiring such knowledge and insight. My mission became one to change social consciousness and to educate”. DiMare changed course 15 years ago when she founded DiMare Design, an ultra-luxury design business. Through it she has become an author, TV personality, educational speaker and global influencer for the vegan design movement. Her vegan design expertise has been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC, the Huffington Post, Ocean Drive, Veg-News and PETA.

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