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American Humane Hero Dog of the Year Winner

Abigail triumphed over other dogs to win the coveted award and spurred a movement at the same time.

By Penny Eims

Abigail’s bonnets...what began as an effort to make bandages on a badly injured dog look cuter has morphed into a worldwide outpouring of love, as well a symbol of hope and change. To fully understand the impact and importance of Abigail, and her bonnets, one must first go back to the beginning of her story.

Abigail, a pit bull, was brought into a busy Miami-Dade animal control agency last November. When Abigail arrived, her condition was pitiful–she was dirty, had gaping wounds on her head, and one of her ears had been ripped off.

Victoria Frazier, founder of the Florida-based nonprofit Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, discovered Abigail’s photos on Facebook and knew that she had to take action to save the battered dog from an unthinkable fate. Within days, Abigail was out of the animal control agency and safely in the rescue group’s care. After being examined by veterinarian Thomas Jackson, it was surmised that Abigail’s extensive injuries were the likely result of her being used as a bait dog for illegal dog fighting.

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