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Delivering Packages and Smiles

Jo-Anna Hehir dreamed of a job that would allow her to spend time with her dogs.

By Penny Eims

Imagine if you could earn money while spending time with your dogs and setting your own schedule...does it sound too good to be true? This dream job is exactly what Texas-native Jo-Anna Hehir, a retired wedding planner turned therapy dog trainer, secured when she started delivering packages for Amazon Flex.

Hehir heard about the opportunities with Amazon Flex just over a year ago after meeting up with a friend while out on a walk with her two Great Pyrenees, George and Fiona. The desire to be able to earn money with her oversized and “very clingy” dogs in tow was too good for Hehir to pass up–before long, she had downloaded the Amazon Flex app and was set to pick up her first batch of packages for delivery.

The opportunity proved to be every bit as amazing as Hehir hoped it would be–in fact, she tells FIDO Friendly that the job is “perfect,” adding, “Amazon welcomed me and my puppies with open arms. I feel like I have my cake and can eat it, too!”

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