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Sleeping with the Enemy

…Sniff sniff sniff. Those are the three sounds a particular predator fears most. Pasha packs a double-barrel nasal weapon in pursuit of pests that reek silent but nasty havoc on unsuspecting vacationers. The predator is the bedbug, and Pasha is one of many bedbug-finding dogs leading the pack in identification and elimination of these wingless insects of the night.…

(See full article on pages 45, Issue 044.)

Think your Fido have what it takes to find bedbugs? Bedbug finding is a highly specialized training program that must be practiced repeatedly throughout the dog’s life. Check out our Fido photos from and see what a typical “find” looks like through the eyes of Fido. Be sure to check out the August 2010 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine, page 45, for our feature piece on bedbugs, “Sleeping With the Enemy.”

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